Magic Fireplace by Safretti literally sets the water on fire

What is Magic-Fire by Safretti?

Magic-Fire is an electrical fire and the captivating fire effect is created by illuminating extremely fine water mist. The burners are equipped with water reservoirs where the water is heated. The water then evaporates and by illuminating the mist you will get a truly realistic and lively smoke / flame effect.


The regulations concerning fire(places) have been tightened the last few years. Safety for everything. Our Magic-Fires perfectly fit with these new regulations! There is no real fire and therefore no fire risk. Besides the Magic-Fires are CE-approved. Due to the vapour that will be released, the humidity in the room will increase which has a positive effect on one’s health. In a nutshell: our Magic-Fires are not only safe, but they contribute to a healthy indoor climate as well!/p>

Magic Fire Mistero-500

Magic Fire Mistero-1000

Magic Incanto-1000


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